5 Ways to Use Keywords Valuably | What is SEO? How It Works

What is SEO and how it works?

If you want to create a website that should be noticed and ranked by search engines then you will need to have a far-reaching outlook on your strategies. It is not really tough to get good search engine rankings. You just need patience, perseverance and make it a compulsion to avoid black practices at all cost.

SEOThis is because you don’t want your website, which had some amount of your efforts at least, disappear from search engines permanently. Whatever little efforts you make can be thwarted because you also tried out a short cut. Following are the 5 factors which are more likely to place your website prominently in search engines ranking.

As soon as you get high ranking, the traffic will start coming in because of increased visibility and would then translate into sales as customers make online transactions.

Pay attention to Page Title

Keywords should first of all be applied to the page title. Search engines are likely to crawl through your title first and then come down to the main body.  The page title is placed at the top of your website. It actually appears in a browser noticeably even if the viewer is working in tabs. Usually search engines display page titles at the top of their listings.

Efficient usage of keywords makes your websites visible to viewers when used in title. Even in search results users get to see the title of your webpage before its URL. Make sure you target your audience well by giving an appropriate but relevant keyword-laden title.

Contextual Keywords

Page content and context is important, infact crucial to keyword placement. Of course all SEO people know to place keywords in the body, however they should keep the density to 4-5% and also make sure it is spread throughout rather than clustered in one paragraph.

Also a good article should not be over-stuffed with keywords. Decide early on whether you will have short generic keywords or long-tailed keywords. Also you must include primary and secondary keywords. The latter will support the former without appearing repetitive.

An important thing to note is that search engines cannot read images and therefore you either should give it a title or else replace images with a link having keywords in it.

Put Alt Tags of Images

SEO techniques can be optimized by adding alt tags to pictures. These alt tags help viewers in getting an idea about your images. Usually images take a long time to download because of browser or connection problems. The general rule is not to use more than 3 keywords in one Alt tag. The same keyword should also not be used twice.

Heading Tag

A website is usually allowed to have headings like H1, H2, and H3 and so on. The main heading, H1 tag, appears at the website top. The second (H2) and third (H3) headings have their own significance. The headings are important because of their visual prominence. You can try to optimize them for your target audience.

Page bottom

Don’t forget to include keywords in page footer. It’s better to place links in there which have keywords in hyperlinks.

All you need to know about Search Engine Optimization

Although Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is widely used over the vast expanse of the internet today, it still ranks way up there on the scale of terms which internet users should know but don’t know.

SEOSEO is defined as the practice of promoting a site by trying to increase its position in search engine results. These search engines mainly include Google and also Yahoo!, Bing, and a few more. The idea here is to make the website appear as high as possible in the list of search results compared to other similar sites.

This is often referred to as organic SEO, which means that rank comes as a result of plain search results instead of having to pay to place your website on the search engine.

There is obviously a lot of value in trying to be successful as far as SEO is concerned. Firstly, it is free and secondly, web searches are fast becoming the primary means of finding content.

The primary goal of all search engines is to bring relevant and accurate search results to the users. Whenever a user wants to search a particular string of words, the search engine must ensure that the search results are the ones that the user was looking for. If the user does not get the required results then the search engine is considered ineffective, and will stop being used by internet surfers.

There is a specific way of ranking a website, and most search engines keep this technique secret so as to keep the search results honest. If the website owners ever find out about these techniques then they will manipulate them in order to get the maximum ranking possible in the search results.

There are a few general pre-requisites of a good website, and comprehensive SEO checklists are available on the internet. But it is ultimately the quality of your content that determines your website presence on the internet. SEO can only get you so far; it is the actual information that you show your target audience that decides if your products or services will sell or not.

The goal of a search engine is ultimately to return all relevant information to its visitors. Over the years search engines have become adept at figuring out whether the content is relevant to the search or not; and whether a human being would find it interesting or not.

SEO can be a very fascinating subject to study, and search engines too are incredible samples of computer programming. They are in fact so good that the best advice one could get while looking to increase their ranking is to write the content for actual people and not search engines.

Search Engine Optimization: How to Properly Use Keywords

The art of using search engines is made to be seen as the rocket science of many SEO “experts”. However, the truth about search engine optimization can be learned by anyone with an hour or two of extra time a day. Search engine optimization can be achieved by focusing on only two aspects of page layout; high quality backlinks and correct keyword usage. To become acquainted with the qualities listed above all that is required is a little perseverance and the following knowledge.

Use of a domain name keyword

One of the easiest ways to find your site’s page rank is to choose a domain name that is close to or similar to the target keyword. For example, if your target keyword is “basketball goals,” then it seems that the best name you may have would be

However many SEO experts point out that search engines offer a site for dash sites between words, so if your primary option is taken, you can choose a domain name instead. The most important thing to remember is that your site name should be remembered.

Keyword plural

As mentioned earlier, keywords are one of the most important factors in using search engines. However, the way keywords are criticized is as important as the keywords themselves. Keywords should be used with a maximum of 3-5% of total content.

Keyword efficiency is best achieved when a keyword is used at the beginning of a text, within the last twenty-five words of content on a page. Keywords should also be used strategically within website design, such as title tags, meta tags and anchor text.

Simple HTML Coding

Search engines index the Internet using webmasters, which link your website to content. These pages do a great job of identifying coded text in the basic HTML format but they can’t accurately identify Flash and Javascript content. Therefore, keeping your site indexed in simple text will initially allow your site to receive a higher page rank.

Improving URL extensions and links

Use keywords in URL extensions and is a great way to target search engine queries. Make sure you separate the extensions with the dashes as we mentioned earlier. You also want to get more incoming links from other websites, especially sites that have authority in your niche.

However before you consider the possibility of backlinks from other websites, it is a good idea to link your site together internally. The internal links you direct to your homepage, the more likely it is that your homepage will appear in search engine queries.

Using a site map to identify your internal links is a great way to expand your site. It’s important to submit your site map to Google once you’re done making it.

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