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Is VPS Hosting Better than Shared Hosting ?

While shared hosting is best for personal and beginner sites, VPS hosting wins over large sites and small businesses. A VPS is more expensive than shared hosting, but in return you get more flexibility beyond your resources, as well as greater security and improved performance.

vps hostingAn interesting comparison to look at is how Shared Hosting differs from a Virtual Private Server when it comes to the efficiency of running a website. With the purpose of making money in an online business, could upgrading to VPS possibly help in your desire to increase your income than with Shared Hosting? The answer could be partly yes and maybe no. Since an online business relies heavily on the ability of the website to attract visitors or we should say Internet traffic, it is more important to have very good and high quality web pages mixed with high quality content, a professional appearance as well as a user friendly site.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

Technically speaking, Shared hosting and VPS hosting have many identical properties, namely:

  • Several client’s websites share one server
  • Each client has designated data and file storage space on a single hard drive in a single server.
  • Both services are cheaper alternative than dedicated hosting services

In making a decision as to which kind of hosting services to use is indeed simple. Consider what your website may need on a long term basis. Creating a website combined with determination and hard work will make your site grow faster as well as increasing its money making capability. A growing web site certainly needs more data and file storage capacity. It should have better security features to safeguard the same from hackers and spammers with features for easy navigation, easy to use plug-ins and add-on applications for visitors and users. And also it should have more bandwidth for better downloading and uploading speeds.

At this point, Virtual Private Server hosting could offer you what you really need. While the cost is quite expensive compared to Shared Hosting services, it is by far much better if you consider the following:

  1. A VPS can offer higher quality performance than Shared Hosting. While sharing the same single server with other clients, the website has its own independent operating system separated from other websites within the same server. It is assurance that your website will run smoothly even if some other website may experience problems, software bugs or have glitches.
  2. With VPS services, the website owners could have additional features such as having their own IP address, root kit access and they can reboot their VPS anytime they want. With VPS services, the clients can also customize their own server to suit their own particular needs, appearance and convenience of use.
  3. A VPS have much better security features than Shared Hosting services. You could better protect your website in general and your data and files in particulars from hackers and spammers. You have the option to put up additional level of firewall protection as well as choose your own anti-virus software.
  4. With VPS hosting services you have full control of your websites as well as running and operating several websites in one account without causing any problems.

shared hostingSince the VPS is better than Shared Hosting services, it carries more responsibilities, which needs some additional technical knowledge. You are responsible for the maintenance of your own website, its security and many other things.

However, with the help of the provider’s technical support team, you could easily and immediately fix some technical and software application problems that may arise from time to time. Also, there are community and public support groups and forums available where you can seek help to fix and solve technical problems by yourself.

The differences between VPS hosting compared with Shared Hosting services are not a big factor for small websites with low to moderate traffic. A VPS is also not needed for those who are content with the decreased levels of security provided by some hosting companies and are satisfied with the ease of control by using the provider’s  cPanel or Plesk system.

As said, as the website will grow and be making more money, the level of security and control should be increased and upgraded in order to protect and safeguard the data and the site. With the increased traffic on a website, a corresponding increase in bandwidth as well as the RAM speed should also be improved or upgraded.

Upgrading a website from shared hosting to a VPS may take some time, perhaps a couple of hours or a few days. As many providers claim that it will only take a few minutes, from personal experience there is a good chance that it will take much longer than what they claim.

Also keep in mind that some VPS hosting companies will charge a small fee for the upgrade as well. The additional features, add-ons and plug-ins software applications have corresponding costs that the host company will sometimes include in the next billing month to the dismay of clients.

For small business, the dream to grow big is a passion that could only be attained through hard work and staying focused on that goal. Investing in the right place at the right moment is very important. Investing in a Virtual Private Server is the right thing if you dream to become big and getting in right now is not a bad idea since hosting cost are on the rise.

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