Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Services

Top 10 Cheap Web Hosting Services

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Web Hosting Pricing, Performance and Feature Comparison-2021

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What features should you look for in Hosting Service?

Every hosting service provider has an outstanding feature among the features they can use. However, to ensure the best among them for your website, try to find the following items among the features offered while continuing with their hosting plans:

  1. Resource Scale

Many still like to think that an unlimited amount of essential resources can cost a fortune. In fact, there are many hosts who are able to offer such a price at very affordable prices. Even hosting packages built into shared servers can give you unlimited bandwidth, websites, storage or email accounts. So keep in mind to choose a provider that can deliver the right amount of resources without compromising the client’s budget.

  1. Loading Speed

As Google said a few years ago – even a two-second delay could cause your website to lose potential customers. Everyone these days has a very short time to pay attention. Especially on the Internet, where everything happens at lightning speed, online riders expect all pages to be loaded in a few microseconds.

Therefore, the host of your choice needs to provide immediate page loading. Many providers report normal loading time on their website. Look for such information on their official site and other reliable sources.

  1. Uptime percentages

Even if your web pages take less time to load, it is useless if interested customers are not even able to access the site. For this date and age, the expiration date of the website should be at least 99.94% on average. Therefore any host that offers any lower uptime percentage, is not worth considering.

Some strangers even offered to pay for a site if the website went down for a longer period of time. Choose a provider that relies heavily on their strengths and has a history of downtime of other clients aligned with their claims.

  1. Domain Registration

Most hosting service helps and care about your domain registration process. All you have to do is select the domain name you have selected and check its availability. The provider can add this to their hosting plans which means you don’t have to pay any more money, they can give you a registration at a discounted price or they can directly charge you a few dollars. The first option works best for site owners on a tight budget, but you can choose some more to make it more transparent.

  1. Email Accounts

Good web hosting allows you to have an unlimited or limited number of email accounts based on the selected hosting plan. Apart from that, some security measures also come with a package that ensures that no spam can enter your inbox. Some providers include the benefits of automatic responders who configure a default response to specific emails.

  1. Website Transfer

If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ll need a free web host to transfer your site from a previous provider to a new one. You can get this benefit from hosting plans from multiple providers. Moving a site from one manager to another is a complex task in itself. Taking in the negative situation of paying extra for a transfer can only add to the inconvenience.

  1. Frequency Backups

Depending on the price tag, hosting plans offer weekly or daily data backups. For less expensive, they can add a set number of backups per day or a certain number of days to deliver backups. It can also be automatic or manual. Automatic daily backups are the easiest way.

  1. Customer Support

Effective and knowledgeable customer support is essential to any hosting service. No matter what type of website you run, it will definitely be a victim of some crash or crash at some point. If the support team does not respond to your call for help on time, it will cause great loss to your business. Also, if a team responds immediately but fails to provide the necessary solution, it is still worse. So seek 24/7 customer support and if the support team receives any type of training in advance.

  1. Safety Precautions

The basic standard security method for a hosted website is a free SSL certificate. Along with this mandatory feature, your chosen host should also offer network scanning and servers. It should also remove the detected malware and protect the site from cyber-attacks. The ecommerce site must be compliant with SSL to ensure secure financial transactions.

  1. Web developer -Friendly

If your website needs a suitable site for developers, get a hosting service that is compatible with popular languages ​​and programs. Typical features of hosting for this section include support for multiple PHP versions up to the latest 7.2, Node.js, Perl, Python, Apache and MySQL. All of these can be important additions to your website hosting package and the developers of your team will be very grateful to have them.

  1. CMS support

For ecommerce websites, support for CMS or a content management system is essential. Although WordPress is leading the CMS competition, you can go to special platforms like Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. These forums postpone many time-consuming activities and enable you to organize your site more efficiently.

  1. Website Site Builders

Free website builders will make the whole process of setting up your website much easier. While there are independent website builders like Weebly, many hosting services offer such builders as part of their hosting packages.

Total Report

Along with a complete list of the best hosting providers we’ve listed above, you can help in the following ways to be sure of your options:

  1. Customer Reviews

Read the customer reviews of each service provider by visiting their page. Gain an understanding of the actual experience of each customer and compare it to the appropriate host claims. This will help you to check the reliability and strength of  that hosting service provider.

  1. Support Verification

Almost every hosting service provides 24/7 customer support into their hosting plans. One way to ensure this is to get in touch with the support staff yourself as you navigate the official site manager. Be it live chat, phone or email – start a conversation with a support team and find out how much they know. The length of response time or the resolution time and accuracy of the information provided will let you know if this is the right web host for your site.

Risks are fun sometimes but not when it comes to hosting your website. You should make sure that you do not leave any unanswered stone to fall on the leading web host, so that your business can reach its full potential in the shortest time.

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