How To Make a Website SEO friendly ?

SEO Tutorial for Beginners

In this tutorial we will learn about what is SEO and different Search Engine Optimization techniques used in our websites, why SEO is used and why people invest in SEO so much, what it the actual motive of doing SEO on any website, what are on page and off page SEOs. There are many similar questions like this which I will try to answer you in this tutorial so you can take your websites to a whole new level, so let us start by answering a simple question “What is SEO?”

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, the name speaks whole reason of doing SEO on a website, SEO helps search engines to read and understand contents of our websites better and the motive of specified website, it is important to follow a pattern in our web pages which will allow the Search engines i.e., to crawl our website in a better way. Let us know what is SEO in depth.

Why SEO?

SEOThis is a question you might ask sometimes why I should make a website Search Engine Friendly or why should I bother about SEO techniques, but even if you have a great website or a content everyone is looking for, it is not possible to reach everyone manually, search engines are extremely important to reach the biggest population. Majority of users reach you via search engines, hence it is extremely suggested to make your website SEO friendly and let the search engines pay for your efforts with better rankings.

Here Are The Techniques for Making a Website SEO friendly
What are the search engine optimization techniques?     

There are thousands of suggestions on Search Engine Optimization techniques can be used for ranking you better, some are white hat and some are black hat, i.e. some are where you do efforts to get ranked and some are you cheat to rank, today search engines are smart enough to detect your technique and if you are having a bad day search engines will punish you with penalties and later you will have trouble to fix them. We will discuss the SEO techniques and how to SEO your website one by one first let us know one more important aspect of SEO the keywords.

What are keywords?

Whenever you search for something on google or bing or any search engine, you use a specific phrase for searching, these phrases are common between peoples looking for a similar thing on a search engines, those phrases are known as keywords, before putting any keyword to our contents make sure you write your contents for the readers not for the search engines, but it is also important to display your keywords in certain places of our web page so search engines find the content relevant so let us learn about On Page SEO techniques and explore more in depth.

What is on page SEO?

Everything and anything we do to make our web pages friendly to search engines is known as on page SEO, with on page SEO we can make our websites more friendly to search engines and more optimized to rank higher for certain keywords, there are different SEO techniques used for on page SEO which we will learn now.

  1. Placing your SEO keywords in places where it is most important
    • Keywords in title and description of your webpage
    • Keywords in the permalink of your page.
    • Keywords in alt tags of images on page
    • Keywords in the headings, i.e. h1, h2, h3, h4, h5
    • Keep keywords and important phrases of your content in bold or italics.
    • Keep your contents longer and descriptive with a minimum of 600 words and a maximum of 1800 words per page.
  2. Optimize your pages for better ranking.
    • Use optimized images i.e. compress images.
    • Keep page loading time to the lowest possible.
    • Compress your assets like scripts and CSS files for better load time.
  3. Make links to your pages: Link your other pages where ever possible in the content you have, this helps your old contents to get a new life and also helps your SEO rankings get better.
What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO is the set of techniques we use outside our website to promote and rank the website better in search results. There are many techniques used for off page SEO let us discuss them.

  1. Creating presence in community sites: Built your pages in community sites, by doing this you will reach a huge audience and that will bring you traffic, also this will give you web 0 backlink which is a powerful link for ranking your website better in search results.
  2. Search engine submission: submit your website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Here are links to the two most important search engine’s webmaster tools to submit your websites googlebing
  3. Blogging and forum: Write up about your products, create a blog or forum and share your knowledge, reply and answer to questions, you cancreate a signature with link to your website which will in return create valuable backlinks to your website.
  4. Guest blogging: Try to contact the bloggers with your topic and ask them if you can write a guest post for them, if you get a chance never miss that opportunity as this will drive traffic to your website and you can create one backlink driving back to your website.
  5. Try collecting .org backlinks: In the world of backlinks, backlinks from domain with .org extension are too valuable, try getting few of them which will help you achieving a good ranking in SERP’s.
  6. Create more valued links
    • Get goodbacklinks to your website and pages, backlinks are links that refer you website using anchor tags on other domains, get good quality backlinks referring your website or webpage with keywords in the anchor text, they help you rank higher.
    • Link other websites that are relevant to your topic or from which you brought ideas for the topic as reference at the end of your content or in the content.

There are lot of ways for ranking high in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) but above mentioned are the most important one

Note: Be careful while applying any SEO strategy, if you are new to SEO then over doing something or cheating on search engines may penalties you and kick you out from SERPs. So do not hurry, SEO takes time to give fruitful results.

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