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Guest Blogging Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

How effective is guest blogging?

By writing a single guest post, you can potentially attract thousand of brand new visitors to your own website. And it can also have dramatic boost effect on your website SEO rankings. However, these days, guest blogging is  a double-edged sword. You can invite Google ranking penalties if you do it the wrong way. So how do you differentiate between the right and wrong way of guest blogging? What is the best way to use it for your website? Continue Reading…

Wrong Guest Blogging Way

Guest blogging has had a colorful and recent troubled past with Google. Guest blogging was a comparatively less known method when it arrived at the marketing scene. And soon webmasters learned that guest blogging can be used to get a large number of backlinks by guest posting. And the abuse of guest posting started from there. Webmasters started to post poorly written or spun articles on brand new blogs. This got to a point where Google had to take action to stop this abuse of the system.

Low quality blogs were punished by Google and also the webmasters who used these blogs for guest posting were also punished. And finally Google penalized, the largest guest post exchange platform.

Guest bloggingSo should we understand that guest blogging is now a bad strategy to follow? Or that Google hates guest bloggers? Actually not. What Google does not like is low quality guest blogging or guest posts. Those guest bloggers who contribute high quality guest posts to high quality websites still gain from this strategy. Huffington Post is a proof. It is a website that is based on almost 100 percent guest posts and still continues to rank among the highest traffic websites of the world.

As a general rule, stay away from low quality sites. Do not write for new blogs. Also do not contribute guest posts to sites with spammy links. Do not buy guest posts on blogs. Avoid blogs having zero page rank. There are exceptions to these rules too. Make use of your own judgement too to judge a site’s quality. If it is a site of high quality, then you can go for it even if it has zero page rank. Always write for only those sites with which you would like to be personally associated because of their quality.

The Right Way of Guest Posting
How do you approach blog owners to convince them to write for their blogs?

First thing to do is to have your own high quality website. Spend some time and money in choosing a professional design for it. There should be at least 10 high quality content articles on your website. So that when a blog owner wants to check your work, they should like your content and quality.

Once you have set up your site, establish contact with other bloggers. Personalize each message. Introduce yourself and also tell them how you found them. And why would you like to write for their blog and how you consider that your content will be a good match with their site. And if you could suggest between 2 to 5 topics, it will be of help.

Most effective results are when you reach out to tier 2 or tier 3 bloggers in your niche. This is because tier 1 bloggers are way too occupied already to respond to your invitation. In comparison, tier 2 and tier 3 bloggers respond more and might even be thankful to you for the content.

Guest blogging is an excellent way of getting big level exposure for yourself without having to spend a lot of money.

How do you become a guest blogger?

Where to find guest Blogger. My favorite place to find guest bloggers on competing sites. Just visit other blogs in your niche that also host guest writers, and see who they are writing about. Chances are, they might be interested in writing your blog again.

Does guest blogging work?

Yes, guest blogging is still active and is an effective way to build relationships with other bloggers, reach out to new audiences, build your blog’s reputation and improve your SEO.

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