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GreenGeeks → Faster, Secure & Eco-friendly

Choose the hosting provider who makes it easy and fast to create websites, while helping the environment. Completely risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • 300% powered by renewable energy
  • Unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth
  • FREE SEO and marketing tools
  • FREE drag-and-drop website builder
  • FREE Cloudflare CDN and automatic nightly backups
  • Shared, VPS, and Dedicated plans available
  • Solid Uptime (99.95%)
  • Fast Load Time
  • Good Live Chat Support
  • Free Domain & Site Migration
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Higher Renewal Price
  • Questionable Refund Policy

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GreenGeeks Expert Opinion

GeenGeeks’s General Information & Hosting Overview

GreenGreeks is a true believer in going green. In fact, it is humble enough to mention on its website that the readers should opt for a certified green web hosting company only, even if it is not GreenGeeks. Otherwise, by 2021, the industry of hosting would produce as much pollution as an Airline Industry.

GreenGeeks, in collaboration with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, buys wind energy credits to offset its energy consumption.  The amount of energy replaced by this company is almost 3 times the energy they consume. GreenGeeks makes constant checks on its servers and reconfigures them to make sure that they run efficiently and cool, using less energy. This extra effort helps reduce energy consumption even more.

In the offices, GreenGeeks stays green and clean too.  It is a stern believer in recycling and makes sure that no paper is used unless it is for an important document or for legal issues. In fact, if any paper is printed by mistake, that sheet goes into the recyclable paper section. It even has a lighting control system installed in its data centers so that light energy is not wasted when not needed. The employees avoid the use of Styrofoam and plastic as much as possible and make use of public transportation or bicycles for a commute to further reduce the carbon footprint.

In 2009, GreenGeeks was inducted into the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (ECA’s) Green Power Partnership, which, GreenGeeks claims, “reinforced their passion and commitment to being a leading green web hosting service provider”. GreenGeeks provides its customers with various icons to choose from, that state “this website is green”.

But apart from green causes, GreenGeeks is supporting other causes too. It recently sponsored The American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Reliability, Uptime & Support

GreenGeeks has a guaranteed uptime of 99.9% is expected, if this is not the most exciting or special. However, GreenGeeks makes up for this with a RAID-10 storage configuration, with a fast solid-state drive, as well as free wi-fi and night-time back-up and recovery. We would be happy to see that more than nine dollars, and in the end, is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation, but we are pretty sure that GreenGeeks will keep track of the contents of the customers and are available for use.

While we’d rather live chat support be sterile, and the remote e-tickets, GreenGeeks publish the wonderful comments you’ve made, and the time of the solutions to the problems. Live chat and email support are available all day, every day. For those customers who prefer to call technical support, GreenGeek specialists will answer any of 9 a.m. to midnight on weekdays, and from 9 a.m. to 8 o’clock in the evening, at the weekend to catch a glimpse of when you 24/7, it is not possible.

GreenGeeks Provides An Average Of 15-20 Minutes, with the Solution To the Problem, with the Help of An Accessible, ticket System, By E-Mail, as well As 24/7/365 Chat and, have A Comprehensive 24-Hour emergency Phone Knowledge Base, Educational Programs, and A 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, and comes with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Plan & Pricing


Always be a little more expensive than some of our most affordable and recommended that it hosts, GreenGeeks has been very competitive with the other nodes to which it is a fully solid-state environment. We don’t have a problem making an extra dollar or two a month, to upgrade the hardware, especially with all of the other bonus features that GreenGeeks provides hosting of packages.

Typical GreenGeeks Prices

Monthly Price Range
Shared Hosting $2.49 – $8.95 3 plans
VPS Hosting $39.95 – $109.95 3 plans
Dedicated Server $169.00 – $439.00 4 plans
Resellers Hosting $19.95 – $34.95 3 plans

However, it is the emotions associated with a high-quality hosting solution to start at the more advanced levels. We don’t have any doubts about GreenGeeks VPS site-but we have a hard time trying to figure out a price list, which is twice as large as our other best VPS and servers. Dedicated servers, and it’s a little bit unbelievable, but it GreenGeeks also continues to be one of the most expensive options in this area.

Ease of Use

The GreenGeeks account manager site has a refreshing and organized build but does not impede performance. Users can quickly register a new domain name, request a site migration, or adjust payment details. We also acknowledge that the company offers customers an easy option to contact the support staff via live chat, instead of automatically moving it to the ticket system.

In addition to the shared cPanel shared integration, a standard interface is included for free with VPS plans. Retailers will appreciate the ability to offer unlimited cPanel accounts to their customers.

Customers who want to use a free site builder will not be disappointed. A straightforward platform incorporates mobile content blocks that simply reach the grid, ensuring that nothing escapes. After selecting a template, we thank you for how the website builder will automatically fill in your contact details and give your site previews both on mobile and desktop.

Server Locations

 Chicago | Phoenix | Toronto | Amsterdam


GreenGeeks’ mission to make a positive impact on the environment through energy-efficient web hosting is commendable and amazing for the lack of industry. No matter how good the buzz is when you sign up, however, the company is a powerful way for customers looking for all levels of services. GreenGeeks gets our top recommendations for shared hosting, which includes various WordPress optimization and website building programs. The features of the upscale GreenGeeks, including unlimited RAID-10 storage, SSD performance, free migration, and night backups, are very appealing when combined with the shared prices for hosting services.

Do We Recommend GreenGeeks?

Yes, we do.

GreenGeeks has a bigger mission than just simply providing web hosting, and we like that.

They’re not necessarily the best we’ve seen, but they do provide solid speed, uptime, and good customer support.

For those reasons, you should consider giving them a look.

Just be aware that you’ll need to sign up for the long-term if you’d like their lowest rate. And that your ‘free domain’ and ‘money-back guarantee’ might not be so iron-clad if you decide to ask for a refund.

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