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EricHost provides world-class hosting with fast speed and reliable servers as low as 0.5 USD per month. Our plan includes free SSL, one-click software install, free daily backups, and a 99.9 Percent uptime guaranty with 24*7 live support. EricHost is an India-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Resellers. Their servers are placed in Montreal.

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  • 24/7 Support : Ticket Support
  • Litespeed Webserver: Ultra Fast Hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime: Advanced Servers
  • Compare EricHost web hosting pricing and all its other features from all it’s different plans, for more info.
  • Shared Hosting, Resellers. Their servers are placed in Montreal. 100% of user reviews who used EricHost are positive.
  • No VPS Hosting Service
  • No Cloud Hosting Service
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Best And Cheap Web Hosting in India

EricHost Review:
Pros and Cons of EricHost.

EricHost is an India-based hosting company. They offer the best hosting services like Shared Hosting, Reseller’s hostings.

We have done a full review of Erichost in this post. We are writing this review after 6 months of use, we have hosted a website on Erichost, and in this review, we have given detailed information about Erichost.

If you are looking for a budget and cheap hosting, then this hosting is a good option, for complete information like hosting plan, data center, and to know how the performance of this hosting is, read this post completely.

We have also told you that this hosting is a good hosting for a website and how it is not good for a website.

Let us now talk about what we have found in EricHost, what is the Pros and what is the Cons.

Erichost’s web hosting plan and price

EricHost is a very cheap web hosting provider. This company sells 3 types of hosting packages

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting starts at Rs 39 per month, in which you get 10 GB of space and 50 GB bandwidth and can host only one website and 3 SubDomain can create 3 databases and e-mail accounts along with it.

In the same 59 rupees per month shared hosting plan, we can host 3 websites and get 20 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 5 e-mail accounts, 5 databases, and 5 subdomains.

The cost of Pro shared hosting is Rs. 89 per month, which includes 60 GB disk space, 160 GB Bandwidth, 10 – database, SubDomain, e-mail account, FTP account and we can host 5 websites with this plan.

With all this hosting, Easy Website Builder is available in Cpanel, so that we can easily install WordPress, Drupal, shopping cart, etc. with just a one-click install.

EricHost Prices, Plans & Features – 2021 | Shared Hosting Plans

EricHost Linux Shared Hosting Pricing Packages

EricHost Business Hosting Plan Review

In addition to shared hosting, EricHost also offers a Business Hosting plan, this plan is of type 4, which has only the limit of hosting the domain, the rest of the features are the same in all Business Hosting plans. We have given the type and price of the business hosting plan in the table below.

Business hosting plans are good for those who need unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, FTP account, etc.

If you have to host more than 5 websites, then you will have to make a plan of 349 rupees per month. All other plans have a limit to host the domain.

Erichost Business Hosting Packages

EricHost also offers a reseller hosting plan with shared and business hosting.

This plan is for people who want to start their own hosting online business at a cheaper price and easily. We are not reviewing this plan in this post as to why it is for hosting business. Also, we did not take that plan, so it would be wrong to say anything without using it.

SSL: Let’s Encrypt’s Free SSL Certificate is available with all hosting plans. It gets auto-installed as soon as you add the domain, you can install it from within Cpanel as well.

Erichost’s Data Center

The data center has an important role in web hosting and also affects the ranking and speed of the site. Although some locations have been shown on the data center map on Erichost’s website, however, Erichost’s data center is only in Montreal and is not in any location. This is good for a website that needs traffic to its site in western countries. If your blog is for an Asian country user like India then you should use a CDN like Cloudflare with EricHost.

Cpanel and Security

In this host, anti-virus is also available with Cpanel, due to which we can keep our site safe and secure with great ease. Cpanel has many features, one click can do WordPress, blogging cms, e-mail, SSL certificate, backup.

How is the support?

EricHost support is very good and fast. Every time we have sent tickets to support, the reply has been received with a solution within 24 hours. Live support chat is great Services can also be done on the website and reply is often found soon.
It can be said that the support is really good.

For Your Information This is Hosted in EricHost !!!!


EricHost is a better hosting provider at a much cheaper price. Along with the fast support system as well as fast speed hosting, if compared with another hosting, EricHost offers the same service at a very economical price for which other big hosting companies charge big money.

If you are starting a blog site on WordPress, then you can do it on EricHost.It is the best web hosting for beginners.

Do We Recommend EricHost?


EricHost blew us away with several factors. They have delivered solid uptime, discounted price, and speed results and their customer service is fast and knowledgeable.

Moreover, their plans are packed with handy features with affordable plans to choose from.

Even though there were some drawbacks including not-free domain name registration and no cloud hosting service, they were still good enough to get our recommendation for beginners.

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