A Complete Beginners Guide in 2021

Do I Need Web Hosting ? – A Complete Beginners Guide in 2021

The Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting

Over the years, I have had a countless number of my customers ask me; “What is Web Hosting”. I would explain it to them, but most of them would have a difficult time grasping the concept, so I thought why not associate it with another industry, that everyone knows about and has similar characteristics. Think of Real Estate. There are different types of Real Estate; homes, condo’s, commercial, etc. So whenever a customer asks me to define Web Hosting, I simply tell them:

“Web hosting providers are a lot like a high-rise apartment building. You pay a monthly fee for space in the apartment building. In web hosting, think of the apartment building as the server, and the packages as apartment units, which you pay a monthly fee for. You’re basically renting out space on the Internet.”

Web Site Hosting For Small Business

Setting up a business web site hosting for small business is a very important, and more so if you plan to use the website for transactions, and e-commerce hosting solution. Out of the many things that you have to carefully look into while developing a web site, the most important is picking up the best web site hosting.

Examples of Some Online Small Business: Travel booking, Car Rental, Online Shop or eShop, etc.

If you are initiating a business in the brick-and- mortar world, a store where you will sell things to your customers is a must. In this case you would shop around for the best place with a good deal according to your business requirement. You don’t want to pick up a store, where time and again there will be different hurdles in the operations of the business. Similar is the case in the virtual world.

You would want to have a site that works properly all the time, and all your business requirements are met. A business website is your online store. However, unlike in the brick-and-mortar world, there is no way to check out the place before buying or leasing. Selecting the right internet web site hosting for small business is a bit tricky and calls for precaution.

What are the requirements for web hosting?

If you plan to run e-commerce from your site, you should shop around for hosting services that are e-commerce hosting solutions ready. Such a site would save you from purchasing various e-commerce web hosting software separately, like mailing lists, SSL certificates, shopping carts, etc. Get all your questions answered.

A web hosting ecommerce merchant account is very susceptible to a hacker attack. Enquire if your business web site hosting provider offers security to your web site against hackers and identity thieves. Check for security features like firewall, protection against denial of services etc. These services might require you to pay extra.

Choosing the right plan to host a website

The most critical component of any business web site hosting for small business is the uptime. For an online store, having a downtime is like death, as your store will be closed and you won’t be able to do any business at that time. Worse, any customer reaching your site at such downtime will encounter an error or a blank page, and might assume that the site has closed.

This can lead to permanent loss of prospective customers. While no business web hosting for small business hosting in United States can assure, or provide 100% uptime all year round, the idea is to have as less downtime as possible.

Different types of web hosting services

That’s the basic lift of it all, however web hosting can be a bit more complicated, as it has different types of services. I will explain some of the few services offered by web hosting providers, such as shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and colocation hosting, along with the domain name registration.

Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is basically a web server that has its resources shared by other customers. Or you could say, a home that is shared by different roommates. Normally this is the starting point for most small businesses and e-commerce web sites.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a service where an account owner has the opportunity to allocate the resources given to them to resell to their clients. Basically, the account holder, called a “reseller” acts as a middleman and is not responsible for software or hardware installation, they concentrate on providing their customers with a working service.

Virtual Private Server

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It acts similar to a dedicated server. Generally, an account owner has the feeling and function of a dedicated server, however, it’s actually separating a physical server into several independent dedicated servers, each isolated from one another.

This will allow you to create and manage multiple web sites and domains and take full control of your VPS with root/administrative access. You share the main servers (which is called a “Node”) resources such as hard disk, RAM/Memory, CPU.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated hosting refers to when an account holder rents an entire web server from the web hosting provider. The web hosting provider only provides the hardware, initial operating system installation, redundant power and connection to the Internet. The account holder has full control of the server as it isn’t shared with any other customer. In short, a dedicated server is administrated by a single customer, and has to manage the server on their own. The actual server is still owned to the web hosting provider.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is for very experienced customers, usually corporations, banks, medical centers, etc. A web hosting provider (also called a “Colocation Provider”) provides you with space, power and Internet connectivity. The account holder must provide all Ethernet cables, power cables, servers and switching/routing equipment.

Domain Name

Domain names are essentially alias’ for IP numbers. The Internet is made up of IP (short for “Internet Protocol”) numbers. Domain names were created so that people can remember them. Imagine reading this on a billboard on the Interstate; “Visit us on 11.222.333.444 today”. While you do not need a domain name to host, but in order to personalize/customize to your business, domain names are offered.

Which Web hosting is best for beginners?

You will need to look around, and research all the web hosting for small business services that you are considering, before making a final decision. This decision should be more based on your requirements, rather than on what the host is providing you. Often, a business web site hosting service may provide you with a range of services with very low fees, but you might not require most of those services in the first place! The way to go about this is to start by making a list of your requirements.

Do some rough calculations to determine the traffic that you are expecting, the amount of disk space that you will require for this traffic according to your services, and whether you will need additional things like ecommerce web hosting software , or similar technology. Never go in for a host that cannot provide basic services.

What is the best and cheapest web hosting?

For example, WordPress works best with Linux Hosting. I am talking about common hosting packages type: Shared, VPS, dedicated and so on.

The 7 Best Cheap & Reliable Web Hosting Options to Consider:

*Namecheap – Best for Domain Registration & Cheap web hosting services that fit your business.

You Can Read our Top 10 Best Hosting Provider.

I hope that this guide to web hosting for beginners has been a real guide. There is obviously a lot more involved in the world of web hosting, but this is a good start.

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