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What Makes Content Marketing a High Quality Traffic Secret

What is content marketing and how it works?

One of the great things that can be changed with the easiest of all efforts is the content quality on your website. Your website traffic can see magics by doing this single thing. By having quality content, you can promote your website as an authority website in your niche.

You will also note that people will start to repose more trust in you, an indication of which will be the increase in the number of times your content and website will be shared by your visitors. Google looks for exactly this thing, which means that you will eventually see a big boost in your website traffic.

The only question that needs to be answered is how to create high quality content which both search engines and visitors like.

Use Interesting Concept and Title

The choice of title has two crucial roles. For one thing, your title helps you get people stop at your website and read onsite content. But more importantly, a large number of website owners do not realize the role titles play in Google search engine results.

Content MarketingIt is actually the title of the page that is displayed in the search results. And this is the most vital information that people use to decide whether they want to click through to your website or not. Your title is actually your headline in the search results.

For example, if your website writes about people needing sleep, a title of a page like “my sleepy friend” will not take you far. However, if you use a title like “why sleep is important for health”, it might be able to grab attention of both visitors and search engine bots too.

Engage Emotionally

Readers want to read engaging peace of content. It will help a lot to write engaging content, even if you are writing a pure educational piece of content. Some techniques of engaging people include mentioning interesting anecdotes, a personality dash or personal stories.

Easy Language

Stay away from using technical jargon. Try to write in a language which even an 8th grader can read and comprehend easily. Try to ensure that your visitors click away from your website with a lot of useful nuggets of knowledge.

Write Evergreen Content

By evergreen content we mean a content that is free from seasonal issues. Such content answers people’s questions and addresses needs of the people which are likely to stay for many years to come. Try to know what people are desperate to look for by hanging out at online forums, using Google Keyword Tool and blog comments. Try to answer these questions in your writing on your website.

Prefer Quality Over Quantity

The most critical factor for success of any website is the quality of content on the website. The number or articles that get published on a website have secondary importance when compared with the depth of information you publish.

Try to publish at lease one high quality and in-depth article on your website every month. But it is better if you publish such high quality content more frequently. But quality should never be scarified for the sake of quantity.

Use Appropriate Images

Visitors like to spend more time on pages which have images when compared with pure text pages. Add relevant images, illustrations or screenshots to demonstrate the issues you are talking about. Either use images from real life or get hold of stock photos to add a lot of pizzas to your high quality content.
Content marketing

If your website gets this kind of high quality content on a regular basis, you will see that your website traffic will grow by leaps and bounds in a few months time and in a few weeks if you are lucky.

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