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Easy Website Builders for Beginners

What are the best website builders for beginners?

Website builders make building your own website quick, easy, and hassle-free. That’s why we did the research to bring you the very best website builders on the market and help you find the best one for you. 

Gone are the days when you needed to be a web developer with a lot of coding skills and a lot of time and money to develop a simple, professional looking website. Well-known website builders like squarespace, Wix and Weebly make it easy for even a newbie to create a polished site in no time, even if they need more advanced features like email marketing or an e-commerce platform.

Choosing the best website builder depends on your specific needs – the process can be complicated because there are so many options, from free options for a simple website to more complex business commerce platforms. The complexity and growth of the website building industry means you have more options than ever before, and you can easily find the best website builder tailored to your needs and requirements.

It is true that a few favorites have emerged – and that is often a good place to start – but even former runners do not deserve the whole situation. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together all the information you need to make the right decision for the leading website builder to get to the fun part of designing your site. Some things we have considered are whether the builder offers the option of a solid performance and SEO tool. We also look at the quality of the company’s customer support.

well maybe you are searching for these words:

  • Best Website Builders
  • Very Ease Website Builders
  • Beginners Website Builders

We mean, you don’t need anything embarrassing, just something simple and powerful:

In other words:

Just a simple start-up website that you can be proud of.

However, do not worry, they are still packed with tools and efficiency that you need.

They just know how to upgrade their platforms so that anyone from the beginning to the techy can build an amazing website.

Another good thing is this:

These website builders have templates, tools, and more that may be the reason for your search to build a website.

Example: you may fall into these categories:

I want to start blogging
I am a photographer who needs a website
I want to start my own online store for my small business
I am an artist who wants to sell and showcase my work
I am a marketer looking to build my website
I am a small local business in my town

Do not combine these options solely with the goal of building an eCommerce website, or building an image website.

This is an option that builds a basic website with options within them to build sites like these


May be ranked # 1, # 2, or # 3 with advanced eCommerce options or other niche-focused markets.

But their only focus is not on these particles (well, as We write this)

Does that make sense? We hope so!

OK, let’s take a look at the best website builders you need to make the most of if you want to build a website.

Especially, if starting today is your goal.

Wix → Best website builder overall

1. Wix

Best Website Builder For Beginners
4.7 ( 5 ) Score
  • Plenty of features on the free plan
  • 250+ apps to add more power to your site
  • Free SEO wizard helps gain more traffic
  • Free plan adverts are very noticeable
  • Can’t switch templates after publishing
  • Cheapest upgrade costs $14/month
Easy Website Builder For Beginners
4.5 ( 5 ) Score
  • Easy for anybody to build a website
  • Easy themes to enjoy
  • The costs are low which saves you money
  • Templates aren’t the most inspiring
  • Not great for for multilingual sites
  • Restricted scope for customization

3. Squarespace

Best Prepackaged Design For Beginners
4.3( 5 ) Score
  • Excellent in-built features
  • Curated selection of modern designs
  • Ideal for creative portfolios
  • Slightly trickier to get to grips with
  • Customization is more limited
  • Integrations withheld for higher plans
Best for the basics Design For Beginners
4.5( 5 ) Score
  • It comes with a logo maker, useful AI tools, and tons of pre-made website templates
  • Zyro website builder allows you to create a website without any design or coding skills.
  • Optional AI branding tools
  • It’s not easy to switch templates once you choose it
  • Uploading products can be confusing
  • Their starter plan is a bit limited in features and does not include free domain

5. Jimdo

The best website builder for easy use
4.5( 5 ) Score
  • Attractive designs
  • Jimdo Creator and Dolphin options
  • Mobile version
  • Free plan available
  • Limited designs and rigid customization
  • Only suitable for basic sites
  • ‘Leave a message’ only – no live chat
The best website builder for easy use
4.6( 5 ) Score
  • Plans start from just $8/month
  • Sell one product on the free plan
  • Perfect for new projects
  • Not suitable for complex sites
  • Can’t categorize lots of content
  • Limited creative control
The best choice for customer support
4.6( 5 ) Score
  • GoDaddy Website Builder is a simple and easy tool to create professional looking websites.
  • integrated photo library with professional images from Getty Photography that you can use on your website.
  • GoDaddy website builder works on smaller screens like mobile,tablets too.
  • It is quite difficult to move your website from GoDaddy Website Builder to WordPress.
  • It offers limited set of features with fewer design options.
  • No free plan
The best website builder for easy use
4.6( 5 ) Score
  • Excellent live chat feature
  • Supportive building process
  • Very beginner-friendly
  • Almost total lack of creative control
  • ‘Basic’ in terms of features
  • Not a scalable option

9. Duda

Best for building a customized experience
4.3( 5 ) Score
  • Feature-rich, industry-specific designs
  • Amazing in-house widgets and apps
  • Great value if building multiple sites
  • Plans are quite expensive
  • Good features withheld for higher plans
  • Disappointing SEO tools → Best for building landing pages


The best website builder for easy use
4.3( 5 ) Score
  • gives you five email accounts to match your domain.
  • Free domain for one year
  • Very affordable plan
  • Limited eCommerece features
  • No building from scratch
  • Free plat limited to 5 page

#1. Wix – The Best Website Builder For Beginners


Wix has long been one of the most popular and design-conscious site builders. It is a full sitebuilder for small business or personal use. Whilst the sites have in the past looked amongst the best available, it has however had one large SEO and smartphone-shaped drawback: its dependence on Flash. Not only does Flash not work on some devices, it cannot be crawled by search engines.

Well, that is now a thing of the past. Wix have announced the introduction of their new HTML5 platform and template suite (Beta).

The web templates look clean, modern and as good as you will find on an online WYSIWYG platform; they feel more artistic than the ususal. Sites are also flexible and easy and fun to edit with their interface. You can also add widgets from HTML code, picture galleries, contact form and other media.

On the minus it doesn’t appear to have a blog or much of an ecommerce offering in HTML, but if you want a brochure site with a bit more wow-factor than the usual then Wix will work. It stands above nearly all online sitebuilders for design. At least 13 million users think so.

Definitely worth a look.

Top Benefits:
  • Super simple to start setting up which will give you total peace of mind.
  • Tons of templates to help you decide – tons of options to make your site look awesome
  • SEO tools to help get your site found and help you easily understand SEO
  • Marketing tools to help brand yourself and grow.
  • Low-cost plans for every budget.
Wix Pricing Plans:
  • Combo – (Month to month will be $17 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $13 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $10.50 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $9 monthly)
  • Unlimited – (Month to month will be $22 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $17 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $13.50 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $12 monthly)
  • Pro – (Month to month will be $27 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $22 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $18 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $16 monthly)
  • VIP – (Month to month will be $47 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $39 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $35 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $31 monthly)
  • Business Basic – (Month to month will be $28 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $23 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $20 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $18 monthly)
  • Business Unlimited – (Month to month will be $33 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $27 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $23.50 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $22 monthly)
  • Business VIP – (Month to month will be $56 monthly) – (Paid Yearly – Comes out to $49 Monthly) – (2 years paid – Comes out to $42 monthly) – (3 years paid – Comes out to $38.50 monthly)

Weebly is a very popular sitebuilder with over 10 million customers. It provides users with a nice, solid, easy to use web-building solution with flexible drag and drop editing. What’s more it’s HTML, which means a fully functioning, cross-browser website is yours. It is very close to perfect!

They have 24 hour support and a large range of simple but decent templates. Contact form, maps, videos, in-built photo editor and a blog are all features of Weebly which mean you have everything you need at your disposal at this level of web-design.

Weebly automatically converts your site for smartphone and for the more adventurous you can add or access the source code for each template.

The ecommerce is limited with a simple store integration. However, another notable aspect of Weebly is that they do not force advertising onto your site even when using their free option. It is also very reasonably priced if you want to sign up to their Premium service which lets you remove the Weebly footer and provides a number of other benefits including multiple sites, video player and a Google AdWords Credit.

Instead, it doesn’t scare you and allows you to go straight to the level of setting up your website.

Top Benefits:
  • Simple and easy to use – Weebly has a simple interface for dragging and dropping just the right tools. Everything sounds natural and accurate. It also helps to have a ride with email descriptions and hijackers when you get started.
  • Migration – If you decide that you want to host your website, Weebly makes it easy for you to remove your site from its place.
  • Inexpensive – Compared to other standard website builders, Weebly has one of the most affordable price structures.
  • Good customer support – Weebly has a strong customer support team that works every day of the week. They usually respond within 1 day by email or quickly through their live chats or phone lines.
Weebly Pricing Plans:

Weebly has four plans to choose from, ranging from $0 to $29 per month. You can either pay monthly or annually:

  • Free plan: $0/month
  • Personal plan: $9/month, or $6/month billed annually
  • Professional plan: $16/month, or $12/month billed annually
  • Performance plan: $29/month, or $26/month billed annually

#3. Squarespace – The best website builder for creatives


Squarespace is the next level in online webdesign. It is “a fully hosted, completely managed environment for creating and maintaining a beautiful website, blog, or portfolio.” It has excellent design credentials and flexibilty. They say their templates are developed by “brand name designers.”

However, each one offers great flexibility to the point where their “templates aren’t templates.” One of the previous drawbacks of Squarespace was the price but they have recently halved their prices to bring them more in line with other competition. Yes it’s a little more than some website builder tools cost, but you do feel the difference. It almost feels too slick and good to be WYSIWYG, but it is.

There’s no ecommerce option but they provide good support and overall this is a very tempting choice…if you have a little more time on your hands.

How does this work?

To get started, Squarespace has selected a basic template out of 65+ available templates. Templates are categorized and, as usual, have a nice, modern look:

Once you have selected your basic template, you will need to create a Squarespace account (it’s free to start – so you can check things without the required credit card).

And as soon as you create your account, Squarespace introduces you to the editor so you can customize your site.

Easy to use and time to invest

Because the Squarespace you have started in one of the templates made earlier, you don’t need to worry about building your website from scratch.

Instead, you will simply use the Squarespace drag and drop editor to:

Edit existing template data

If you wish, add new content, such as additional text, photos, news form, etc.
Editing content is as easy as typing a page:

squarespace editor
You can also add new content by adding new “blocks”:

squarespace blocks
All in all, you get better control over time.

Top Benefits:
  • Easy to use
  • Podcasting integrations
  • Effective blog platform
  • SSL security
  • eCommerce on all levels
Squarespace Pricing Plans:

Squarespace is one of the more expensive builders on this list.

  • Personal: $12/month
  • Business: $18/month
  • Commerce: $26/month+

Zyro is a newcomer to website builders (introduced as a Hostinger project, web hosting service). But don’t be fooled by its ‘Newbie’ status. This site builder already has many of the same features as more established players.

The premade web templates are very modern and attractive. The codebase is clean and designed for speed levels and performance for both users and search engines in need. Direct it to the grid editor or use the website builder to drag and drop a quick page block.

Once you’re done with the basics of building, you can set up a one-click integration with popular digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manager, HotJar, Facebook Messenger, or Facebook Pixel. Finally, select some AI tools – AI writer, blog post generator, logo maker, and Slogan Generator. During our testing, they all produced a unique and attractive copy.

But there are some downsides with Zyro. There are no pre-integration plugins / extensions for marketing / statistics. Also, you cannot swap themes in the middle of the design process. If you add a new theme, all your design progress will be gone. That worries if you forget to save your files.

Top Benefits:
  • Very affordable
  • AI tools
  • Great security
  • Drag and Drop builder with grid function
  • Free option
Zyro Pricing Plans:

Zyro has a free option, which is always nice to see. The free version comes with the AI tools, SSL security, and SEO features. It will, however, have Zyro ads featured on your website.

  • Basic: $1.99/month
  • Unleashed: $2.99/month
  • Ecommerce: $8.99/month
  • Ecommerce+: $13.99/month

Have you tried website builders but found it too difficult to use? Then check out Jimdo. Because even though it is slightly shorter in features, its interface is much easier to understand. And if you don’t want to waste time playing around, then this is a good option.

The website you build will usually be a good foundation. But on the integration side, that means it will usually load faster on the user side. There is also a free program, where you will find all the basic features, although you will see many ads, and the URL of your site will end up at

One of Jimdo’s disadvantages is that there is no live chat or phone support. And unless you are in the most expensive system, you will have to wait up to two days to receive an email response. All in all, however, this is an excellent website builder for beginners who just want to make everything easier.

Top Benefits:
  • Everything can be changed at any time

  • Add images and text with drag & drop

  • Free image library included

  • Flexible layouts

  • Optimized for all mobile devices

  • Customized Ts&Cs, Return Policy, etc.

  • Connect to Instagram & Facebook

  • Boost your store with sales & discounts

Jimdo Pricing Plans:

Free plan available

Paid Plans: $9 – $40 / month

What’s amazing about another beginner website builder who specializes in single-page websites. It also offers the best value for money to all the website builders we have tested!

It’s not good for complex websites, but Strikingly’s free program includes some good basics, which make it popular with bloggers and freelancers. That said, you can get a one-page layout and a basic level of customization if you have good plans for your site.

Surprisingly the focus is on single page editing. This can be especially appealing if you want to create a landing page, say event registration. Their responsive designs are amazing (no pun intended) and look great on mobile devices.

You can start with their free ad-supported program or upgrade to Limited ($ 8), Pro ($ 16) or VIP program ($ 49 per month). Limited also includes an online store for 5 products, while VIP extends this limit to 500 products.

Top Benefits:
  • Easiest Website Editor Possible
  • E-commerce Built In
  • Powerful tools to cultivate your audience
  • All sites come with analytics built-in.
  • All websites get HTTPS automatically, for free! 
  • 24/7 Support : Message anytime by email or live chat. 
  • Sell products on your site with full e-commerce functionality! Coupons, shipping, digital goods, and much more are all fully built-in.
Strikingly Pricing Plans:

Strikingly’s free plan is pretty generous, but if you feel the need for more advanced features, you have three premium plans to choose from. These range from $8 to $49 per month (billed annually), and all come with a 14-day free trial.

GoDaddy can be one of the most comprehensive web developers, boasting the most intuitive publishing process and simple editing tools. This means that even if you have never built a website before, setting up one should only take a few minutes.

For people looking for more information, the GoDaddy Websites + Marketing solution provides a detailed analysis of how your site performs. The analytics tool brings you a complete set of metrics that compare how your online presence works on other websites in your field. To date, the tool has proven to be a success, with customers receiving an 18% increase in business revenue in 12 months of use, GoDaddy said.

Of course, challenges arise with the most impressive online platforms and GoDaddy Website Builder is also unique. Fortunately, GoDaddy support is among the best. Extensive PDF guides include a host of questions and problem-solving topics, and 24/7 tech support is available. In addition, public forums are a great resource and it is possible that someone there will be able to answer your question. The live chat feature is also available on weekdays.

Some people complain about the lack of an app market, which can leave some of the features of a site builder without depth. It means, however, that all the elements are built inside the house and are therefore suitable for the purpose. If you are looking for an inexpensive website builder and are proud of the excellent support, then GoDaddy might be the right option for you.

Top Benefits:
  • In Website Builder, you’ll find the SEO Wizard
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Powerful tools to cultivate your audience
  • Great 24/7 tech support
  • There is a free plan, which is what you’ll start with when creating your site.
  • Mobile-friendly site comes with built-in marketing
GoDaddy Pricing Plans:

In terms of pricing, GoDaddy is highly competitive, offering three levels of website building pricing. Prices range from $ 9.99 per month for the basic plan, up to $ 24.99 per month for Ecommerce tier. As you might expect, the Ecommerce system comes with everything you need to start a full-fledged online store, with cheap programs that offer slightly reduced performance as you work down.

Languages ​​appear to be a Site123 object. Not only is the editor available in over 20 of them (including languages ​​such as Turkish, Arabic, Romanian), they also have multilingual websites. Editor is very restrictive, such as GoDaddy websites. If you just want to get the website done, without creating too much this may be enough. But you should know that their template system can be a bit on the limiting side.

The cheapest plan that allows you to use your custom domain name starts at € 11.87 per month. Compared to other website builders it is less expensive as they will still show a small footprint in this program.

Light customer support is a great strength of this website builder. The live chat feature means that you can easily get help if you get stuck while creating or editing your website. If you are just starting out or want to set up your site quickly, SITE123 is the safest option.

However, it is not a powerful builder – it does not have advanced features, and it is not a crippling option for growing a website. However, with a free system and good support, SITE123 is a good choice for first-time builders.

Top Benefits:
  • Intuitive website editor – No coding required
  • SEO tools that give you a perfectly optimized website
  • Free domain registration to establish your brand
  • Stay safe and secure with our free web hosting
  • Create an Online Store and sell globally today
  • Mobile-friendly site comes with built-in marketing
SITE123 Pricing Plans:

SITE123 has a free plan (250 MB Storage,250 MB Bandwidth,Subdomain), and one paid plan that costs $12.80 per month. If you sign up for the free plan, you can then unlock more premium plans, ranging from $12.80 to $17.40 per month (billed annually).


Duda is a small player compared to the other builders above with around 15 million websites and is focused on a specific market segment: designers and design agencies. It caters to individuals and groups that make up many sites, but with a powerful and easy-to-use component and many separate offerings, it turns out to be a great option for anyone looking to build an online presence.

Duda Builder has many distinctive features, including mobile site customization, detailed data analytics (e.g. advanced metrics like form submission, page time and bounce rate) and user customization to easily display specific messages or offers to users during the day, location their or their browsing history. It is also known for its multilingual support and a free e-commerce extension that allows you to sell up to 10 products.

There are over 90 templates to choose from, which include a range of industries from business to lifestyle. You get custom creative controls, but within the limits of the template – you are still very much guided by your chosen design.

These features make Duda great for webmasters who build many client websites – in fact, that’s what Duda was originally built for!

Top Benefits:
  • Built-in upsells, eCommerce, and App Store extensions to expand your revenue.
  • White label marketing tools help you grow your business.
  • Duda U. certifications help you level-up your game, and our award-winning support has your back 24/7.
  • A continuous stream of cutting-edge features, delivered with rock-solid stability and guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Integrate with 100s of APIs to customize DIY, DIFM, and DIWM website creation flows.
  • Create hundreds or thousands of sites based on existing customer data in just a few clicks.
Duda Pricing Plans:

Because of all the features it packs into its website builder, Duda’s plans are pretty expensive. There are four premium plans to choose from – the cheapest costs $14 per month, while the most advanced plan comes with custom pricing.

There’s no free plan, but you can try Duda’s $22 per month Team plan free for 14 days. is very similar to Weebly – it’s incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that lets you create any template available for your needs. And it comes at a great price and a lot of support.

But I think the website builder shines brightly with a specific need: to set up landing pages and single-page sites in a snap.

Seriously, it’s very easy with – start from one of their 126 templates, and then simply change colors, change the image, copy, and enter the custom form. Voila, has a beautiful landing page, made in about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can create a ton of different landing pages at once or make simple or temporary websites easy. And at a competitive price.

Top Benefits:
  • Create and manage a professional website with  drag-and-drop builder.
  • Expert website design and content
  • Quality control from start to finish
  • Boost search engine rankings and get found online
  • Drive more traffic with targeted PPC ads 
  • Get a custom, professional website tailored to your business goals
  • Complimentary website analysis
    when you call today Pricing Plans:

Everything We have mentioned above is in the Starter plan, which starts at $1.95 for your first month and then is $10 per month after that. You can save big, though, if just go for a full year at checkout—that’s just $50 for the whole 12 months, a savings of over $60.


An important thing to keep in mind is that the website builders listed above can serve multiple functions. Now that you have a solid overview, it’s time to look into the details of each platform.

Use my recommendations as a guide to get started:

  1. Wix — Best for general use
  2. Weebly  — Best for beginners
  3. Squarespace → Best template designs for Beginner

  4. Zyro → The Best website builder for creatives

  5. Jimdo → Create a Website in No Time

  6. Strikingly → Best Value for Money

  7. GoDaddy → Best For basic, no-frills websites

  8. SITE123 → Great help and support

  9. Duda → The Language Genius

  10. → Best for building landing pages

Follow the links to further explore each option. The best choice for you will come down to both your needs at the moment and where you plan on taking your website in the future. 

After reading reviews like this one, make sure you take a step back and put your particular needs at the forefront of the decision before you commit. 

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