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Are you planning to move to dedicated web hosting? Your website needs to be able to grow with you.

Dedicated servers are isolated from each other, supplying you with the freedom to configure your servers the way you need and without demanding approximately a terrible community.

Shared website hosting is good for purchasing off the ground, however, you couldn’t run an excessive-visitors website online, big databases, or develop apps.

At a positive point, you exhaust the limits of different sorts of hosting and recognize that your personal server goes to be well worth the charge.dedicated hosting

So, how do you choose the carrier that’s going to present you the most value for the money?

Allow’s communicate about a number of the great-committed hosting alternatives in 2021 to make things less difficult. After in-intensity critiques of my top selections, I’ll stroll you thru what you want to understand to decide.

The other advantages are full-get right of entry to manage, whole privacy, and guaranteed server resources based to your web hosting plan. Besides, devoted servers’ overall performance does a high-quality task of keeping your internet site stable and predictable.

Bluehost is one of the first-class dedicated web hosting offerings accessible, and for the right motive. It’s less expensive than other dedicated hosts whilst still supplying you with tons of functions for your internet site. Its 99% uptime also places it near the pinnacle of the listing when it comes to overall performance.

Bluehost has all of the simple devoted website hosting functions, plus numerous extra advanced ones, providing you with room to grow. With get entry to control and database control, you have got everything you need at your fingertips and 24/7 get entry to customer support if you have a problem.

You can get 3 different kind website hosting programs with Bluehost:

  • Standard: $79.99/month
  • Enhanced: $99.99/month
  • Premium: $119.99/month

Preferred gives you 4 cores at 2.3GHz and 500GB of the mirrored garage so that you can again up your facts. With a 4 GB RAM, you don’t get an impressive amount of storage, but it works properly for less difficult websites. 5 TB bandwidth offers you the rate you want to hold matters up and strolling with three IP addresses.

The improved bundle bumps you to the following degree with an equal number of cores at 2.5GHz and 1TB of mirrored storage. It doubles the bandwidth to 10TB and offers you 4 IP addresses.

Premium, the very best tier, also gives you four cores at 3.3GHz and 1TB of reflected storage. It another time doubles the ram to 16GB, provides the bandwidth for 15TB, and gives you 5 IP addresses.

With Bluehost, you get an unfastened area call for the first year, a Free SSL certificate, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The largest drawback to Bluehost is that they only have one server area. It’s inside the USA, so if you run your website internationally, you might want a different host.

Liquid Web has fully customized servers with real-time monitoring and root access. It looks expensive at first, but don’t let that stop you before you check out what this hosting service offers.

Liquid Web comes with advanced SeverSecure security, Worldwide Cloudflare CDN, and business distance storage. It also has a support team to manage its servers, and they offer 24/7/365 customers support.

Plus, you get a ton of effective and customizable features, consisting of:

  • Standard DDoS protection
  • Global Cloudflare CDN
  • A pre-mounted secondary backup force
  • Server secure superior protection
  • Interworx, Plesk, or Cpanel
  • Complete manage with root-level get entry to
  • Enterprise-grade strong-nation storage

Liquid Web additionally makes it very easy which will realize precisely what you’re getting. The website is straightforward to examine and without a doubt states, all of the capabilities and offerings supplied to you.

You can get three packages of dedicated hosting service:

  • Intel Xeon 1230: $199/month
  • Intel Xeon 4108: $299/month
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6130: $499/month

The Intel Xeon 1230 comes with four cores, 32GB RAM, and 5TB bandwidth. It gives you good storage with a 2x240GB SSD on the main disk and 1x1TB SATA support disk.

As you upgrade to the Intel Xeon 4108, it duplicates your cores, RAM, and storage on both basic and backup disks. With 8TB bandwidth, it ensures speed and performance.

Despite its high price jump, the Intel Xeon Gold 6130 seems to offer nothing new in terms of RAM, storage, or bandwidth. However, you get 16 cores.

All packages come with 250 Acronis Cyber ​​Backups. Liquid Web also has a lot of value if the basic packages do not meet your bandwidth or memory requirements.

HostGator‘s Uptime is 99.99% and unlimited bandwidth make it an attractive option for business websites. HostGator is known for its excellent customer support, which you can find on 24/7/365. It also has online resources such as videos and basic information topics to help you set up your site.

With that said, the dedicated server plans offered by  HostGator are absolutely ones which you have to think about, specifically in case you’re searching out a greater low-cost choice.

HostGator gives you three options for dedicated hosting:

  • Value Server — $118.99/month
  • Power Server — $138.99/month
  • Enterprise Server — $148.99/month

Value Server offers you four cores with eight cables and an Intel Xeon-D CPU. The 8GB RAM and its 1TB HDD make up a lot of storage.

The next level, Power Server, comes with eight 16-core characters and a CPU equivalent to Value Server. However, it doubles your RAM to 16GB and gives you a 2TB HDD and a 512GB SSD integrated storage for large applications.

Enterprise Server has the same number of cores and threads as Power Server and the same CPU. Upgrade comes with 30GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD in your most complex applications.

You can choose between host or temporary hosting depending on how much you want to customize your server. Also, each HostGator package comes with unlimited bandwidth and compatibility with Linux and Windows OS.

HostGator has two servers, but like Bluehost, both are US. Despite the high performance of the keeper, it is not a good option for businesses with very foreign customers.

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DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies out there, but that doesn’t make them obsolete. Their dedicated hosting comes with a built-in control panel, decent servers, and web server monitoring to make your dedicated servers easier to use. They are completely controlled, so if you are looking for a dedicated server with a small amount of hassle, then DreamHost has you covered.

You can get two packages: Standard and advanced. The standard plan starts at $ 169 per month and comes with four cables with eight cables and 4GB of RAM. Its storage of 1TB HDD and RAID 1 means that DreamHost has more power than many other hosting services.

When it comes to the Enhanced package at $ 299 a month, you upgrade to 12 cores and 24 cables, 16GB RAM, and 2TB HDD with RAID storage 1. It’s a great price tag, but remember that each feature doubles – and , in some cases, four times as many.

You can choose from three standard levels and these six upgraded ones up to 64GB of RAM.

With each package, you get root access so you can control your settings even with a managed server. Also, it comes with DDoS protection.

Evil comes with a high price even though it has a few features. The most expensive option remains at $ 379 higher.

DreamHost has overseas servers in the US, Asia, and Europe, making it a solid decision for overseas customers.

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TMD hosting might not be as large or fancy as different committed hosting services, however, it does give you a great site speedy. It focuses on strength and velocity, so you’ll haven’t any trouble upgrading if your web page struggles with lots of traffic or other adjustments. With fully controlled servers, you don’t want to sweat the tech.

TMD hosting offers four committed web hosting programs:

  • Starter: $159.95/month
  • The Original: $199.95/month
  • Smart: $249.95/month
  • Super Powerful: $299.95/month

For a basic package deal, the starter offers you an impressive 1TB garage with raid-10. You also get four CPU cores with 8 threads and 8GB ddr4 ram, so you have plenty of area for the whole thing on your web page.

The authentic upgrades you to 2TB storage and 6 CPU cores with 12 threads. You get the same quantity of ram, so it’s not a large bounce. However, nor is the rate.

On the clever level, you get the identical quantity of garage because the unique. The upgrades come in the shape of 8 CPU cores with 16 threads and 16GB ddr4 ram.

On the top, splendid power comes with 2x2TB storage with raid-10. You continue to get 8 CPU cores and 16 threads, but with 32GB ddr4 ram, you’ve got plenty of room for reminiscence and storage.

Every degree comes with limitless bandwidth, unfastened setup, top-class aid, and a Cpanel and WHM. Tmdhosting claims that they are able to have your website up and equipped to move in 20 minutes, blowing the 24+ hours of different hosting offerings out of the water.

InterServer offers dedicated servers for both Linux and Windows configurations, but be prepared for an additional final payment. You can also select the Operating System you want for your server from a wide range of options. The control panel is more expensive, if you need one, and you can choose from Canel, WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

InterServer offers a variety of customization options for your dedicated servers at low prices. Their service is also reliable and efficient without finding one of the least expensive alternatives.

The cheapest custom plan gets you 8 GB of RAM and a 3.2 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores for your web server. As for storage, you can choose between 2 TB of HDD or 250 GB of SDD storage. The latter is very fast but comes with a very low volume. You also get 5 IP addresses. However, you are limited to 10 TB of bandwidth, which should be more than enough for the needs of small to medium businesses.

  • DDOS Protection (Learn More)
  • 1GB or 10GB PORT
  • Remote Reboots
  • MANAGED SUPPORT (Learn More)
  • Remote KVM
  • IPMI or iLo Access
  • Remote OS Reinstall

Key features are common root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and 24/7 uptime monitoring. However, no RAID 1 storage is installed without selecting a second disk for your system, which is more expensive.

InterServer provides 24/7 technical support for their dedicated servers. However, if you get a program without a control panel, they only support system installation and hardware issues. Along with the control panel, their support extends to fix any malfunctioning service.

Overall, InterServer customer support could be better, as it may take a while for all your queries to be answered. This is especially true when you need to repeat your questions.

InterServer offers One dedicated hosting packages:

Starting at only $49 a month, they provide base pricing for each custom Intel CPU configuration. In addition to provide a wide range hardware options including SSD, hardware RAID, and more RAM. With these features in mind, dedicated servers truly offer the most robust options for maximizing performance and flexibility.

InterServer’s dedicated hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which they also maintain, as evidenced by statistics.

GoDaddy is one of the major brands in web hosting and offers reliable services when it comes to dedicated servers. Their marketing is at a high level, but we have found that it is important to keep in mind the renewal and additional costs that may be hidden by their plans.GoDaddy also offers its 99.9% uptime guarantee on all dedicated hosting plans.

Their data centers are located in the US, EU, and Asia, which provides them with excellent coverage. They had a good Uptime of 99.99%. Performance is also good, with an average loading time of ~ 338 ms.

GoDaddy performance statistics is quite satisfactory.

GoDaddy offers dedicated servers for both Linux and Windows, and no wonder this costs more. No control panel is installed with programs, but you can add Canel or Plesk subscriptions with GoDaddy if you need it.

The cheap system is equipped with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and a 3.0 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You also get 2 × 4 TB of HDD disk space and unlimited bandwidth if you don’t break their hosting agreement, which they say rarely happens – however, always read good print. Also, you get a single IP address dedicated to an automated system, which upgrades to 3 when you select a managed system.

All plans includes:

  • Bare metal servers.
  • Built in security.
  • State-of-the-art tech.
  • Easy-to-use control panel.
  • SD or HDD – your choice.
  • Reliable, 99.9% server uptime – guaranteed.
  • Expert dedicated hosting support.
  • Free SSL Certificate with dedicated IP.

As for the key features, you get normal root access (only with self-operating system), DDoS protection, and RAID 1 storage as default. They have 24/7 downtime monitoring and provide you with a free 1 year SSL certificate for the entire system.

GoDaddy customer support is available 24/7 on the phone and in live chat. However, when you are looking for a dedicated, self-managed server, you are fully responsible for server management.

All in all, GoDaddy’s customer support may be better in terms of technology, but you get a friendly welcome in any way.

GoDaddy Dedicated Server Hosting plans and pricing


Price Sources from Website

The cheapest plan starts at $129.99/month and comes with a two-year commitment. However, note that Continued discount applies at renewal. 

You have the option to add cPanel subscriptions to your dedicated server at a cost of $ 15 / month. Improvement takes you from a self-regulating system to a system managed with extra monitoring, updates, and backups. If you are not comfortable doing server management yourself, then we suggest you add the option for sure.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is an actual, physical machine that provides the internet support and operation for your site. By definition, a server is the machine that interprets user requests and provides the resulting information to other computers.

This means that the server is what actually makes your site visible and usable to your visitors. Choosing a dedicated server means that you will have a computer completely devoted to maintaining and operating your website.

Most service providers offer different levels (and of course prices) for customers to fit the needs they have. Some small businesses will use more than simple promotional pages, and larger business will use even more still.

What is the Difference?

Dedicated servers have a wide range of pros over shared hosting for small and large businesses alike. The amount of bandwidth (the average amount of successful data transfer per second) purchased can be used to allow more traffic, to house data or to help the website run more efficiently.

With shared hosting there is a smaller amount of bandwidth available (thus limiting traffic, amount of data that can be stored) whereas on a server such as this the customer is safe in the knowledge that so long as they do not exceed the bandwidth cap, that the website will not go down.

In most cases, the server will allow websites to run over their bandwidth cap at an additional charge, which is even more security that should your website get a sudden tremendous amount of unexpected traffic that the website will usually not go down.

Who Use a Dedicated Server?

For most people who just want to build a website to house pictures or video or even for some micro-businesses, a shared hosting solution is likely the cheapest and most appropriate. However, for those who have the capital to put into making the website make money, it’s almost a necessity.

With its wide range of customization options, and larger bandwidth options, dedicated servers tower over shared hosting sites in options and reliability. Most hosting companies also offer technical support that can help a more novice webmaster maintain their site more effectively.

This may be the best hosting option for those who are serious about maintaining online businesses with high levels of traffic and want more customizable options for their web needs. While shared hosting may be cheaper, dedicated servers are the standard for businesses looking to grow beyond what shared hosting sites may allow.

How To Select A Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

When it comes to hosting websites or web based services, one plan has always stood the test of time and has become the industry’s preference for all medium and large sized web based projects. That one hosting plan is that of dedicated server hosting.

But the problem arises at the time when a decision needs to be taken with respect to the kind of dedicated server hosting plan that is required for your website and what needs to be done in order to choose the right type of dedicated hosting solution. Here are a few things which can help you select the best dedicated server hosting plan for your website or online venture.

Determine your requirements:

Before choosing a dedicated hosting plan or even a hosting provider, you need to be sure about the requirements of your online business. This means that you need to be aware about the kind of resources that would be required by your site, the type of traffic you would be getting and the resource usage patterns relating to your online venture. This would help you choose the best plan for your website.

Review what is being offered:

Before selecting a plan you need to sure about what is being offered and what is the cost of using a plan. For example most dedicated server hosting plans come with unique IP addresses, but if you need more IP addresses for your website, you would have to pay more to your hosting provider. Hence, you need to be sure about what is being offered in a plan and how much would you have to pay extra to get the features which are not included in a dedicated server plan before signing up for a plan.

Hosting provider’s infrastructure:

Another thing that you need to consider while choosing a dedicated server hosting plan is the kind of hardware infrastructure or data centers being used by your hosting providers. It is best to go in for providers that have their own data centers instead of those who hire the services of 3rd party data center operators, i.e. those who lease out servers on other’s data centers. This is because of the fact that a hosting provider would be able to provide a better service and have more control over its operations if it has its own data centers.

Customer support:

Most dedicated hosting plans come with 24/7 toll free phone based customer as well as technical support. If your hosting provider is not offering such a feature then it is better to go for a different host. This is primarily because customer support can come in handy when you are having certain problems with your hosting account which cannot be resolved by you.

The conclusion

The website is similar to its dedicated hosting service. Choose the one that gives you everything you need, whether speed, customization, or support when you need it.

Dedicated hosting is an investment. Use our recommendations and updates to narrow down your search:

#1 Bluehost – Ideal for fully dedicated hosting features
#2 HostGator – Excellent customer support with dedicated hosting
#3 DreamHost – Excellent for dedicated hosting
#4 InterServer – Good for technical websites
#5 GoDaddy – Excellent website performance
#6 Liquid Web – Excellent for customized hosting
#7 TMD Hosting – Great for quick start

You can find a dedicated hosting service that you trust, so check your options and decide which one fits your business. Use this guide as a resource to narrow down your options in our way with the top options.

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