Undeniable Proof That You Need 5 Types Of Backlinks

5 Type Of Backlinks To Get – The Ultimate Guide to Backlinks

What Are Backlinks & How To Get Them

There is a very important concept and it is huge in itself, without understanding this your SEO knowledge is incomplete. The thing we will discuss today is what backlinks are and how you can get one.

What Backlinks Are?

Backlinks are also known as inbound links, the links present in other domains and referring to your domain, backlinks can either kill your rankings or take you on the top, and it depends on how well you understand the concept. Wrong implementation will do the worse that you cannot even think of.

My little story before I knew about backlinks:

When I was new to SEO and building my websites, I thought it is easy to rank on search engines, make website; put the keywords; done now you will top. But I had forgotten about the other millions of websites that are also targeting the same keywords, so I waited for months and finally took down my website as it paid no success to me, then I discussed with one of my friend who told me that I need to build backlinks to my pages, here are his suggestions:

  1. Get do follow backlinks.
  2. Get high PR backlinks.
  3. Get Web 2.0 backlinks.
  4. Get .edu and .org backlinks.
  5. Get organic backlinks

Everything he told flew over my head, then certainly I started digging more, finally I learned something, and with time I got a good grip in the backlink strategy. So let me share all I know with you.

The Different Types Of Backlinks And How To Get ThemTired backlinking strategy

What are Dofollow and Nofollow links?

Dofollow: This link is powerful, it says the search engines to follow the URL and gives an authority to that linked page and website.

Nofollow: This link is of least value, it restricts the search engines from following that URL, hence the links become valueless.

What are high PR backlinks?

PR stands for page rank, this is measured on a scale of 0-10, higher the page rank popular the website, all popular websites have high page ranks and if you manage to get a Dofollow backlink from those high PR websites then you own one powerful link which will pull you up in search results.

What are Web 2.0 backlinks?

Web 2.0 are the sites which generate dynamic content, means the content of those websites are generated by users of the websites, like Facebook, Wikipedia, Google+, Reddit etc. these websites produce high quality backlinks and these backlinks are most valuable one.

What are .edu and .org backlinks?

Domains with .edu and .org extensions have their own importance and values, search engines give those websites a great importance, hence backlinks generated from those domains become more powerful, 50 normal backlinks can produce the power equal to one .edu or .org backlink, hence try to achieve as many you can for your website.

What are organic backlinks?

Organic backlinks are the backlinks you do not create using any software or tools, google and other major search engines have grown too much and they have smart algorithms that verifies if a link is organic or not, organic backlinks are appreciated whereas the backlinks generated using any tool will kill your rankings and penalize your website if detected by the algorithms. So even if you are building backlinks using any tool, make sure they come out clean in search engine’s algorithms.

These are the few things my friend told me and that will help in getting powerful backlinks, there are lot more different things we can do to build backlinks but the above mentioned are the most used ways of getting backlinks. Let us now talk about how we can get a backlink from someone else’s website.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the best way for generating backlinks to your website, this is time consuming rewarding process. Let me tell you how you can make your first backlink with guest blogging.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a process where you write articles for someone else.

How guest blogging or guest post will help?

When you write an article on someone else’s website then you get a backlink to your website too, also the readers of that blog recognize your website too, hence you generate traffic as well as the backlink.

How to write your guest article and post them on websites you want to?

If you want to write on someone else’s blog as a guest writer then you will need to firstly search a blog that meets the niche of your keywords, a blog from another world is never going to give you a good quality backlink or a user who is interested in your niche, so your efforts will be wasted.

Once you found the blog that meets your needs then go ahead and contact the blog admin from contact section, and let them know that you are a “regular reader of that blog” and you want to share your ideas, tell them about the content you have and you want to be published on that blog, if they agree then send them your content and ask them to link your website, send them your blog’s URL, and congratulations you published your first guest post.

Getting more social

Build your pages and profiles on social websites and web 2.0 platforms like facebook, google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Wikipedia etc. share your contents and link there and use your website URL in your profile, this will give powerful backlinks to your blog. Also when you get more shares on those platforms, your website gets more popular among users as well as search engines. Doing these you will boost your traffic as more users will know about your website and also ranking as you will receive powerful web 2.0 backlinks.

Donation and contribution

Try donating to causes and contributing things that you can, if you make a positive impact then they definitely mention you on their websites, usually all organizations hold .org domain and the educational websites hold .edu domain, so again you will get a .org or .edu backlink which will boost your rankings as well.

Never try automatic backlinks without good knowledge

Do not generate bulk spam backlinks using online tools or software if you have lesser knowledge of backlinks, if you have good hands-on building backlinks and you know how to build organic looking backlinks using tools, then only generate non-organic backlinks for your website. Because there is no chance of forgiveness on a single mistake you make.

Motive of this tutorial is to guide you on your way of getting more backlinks and rank higher in search results, if you have other ideas and tips for getting powerful organic backlinks then do share them with the readers, also if you found this tutorial helpful then share it with your friends, if I can help you in any concern then contact me on the contact section.

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